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Revive your car's beauty at Cariology Auto Detailing – Connecticut's premier destination for automotive perfection. Our certified team, state-of-the-art facility, and passion for detail ensure showroom-worthy results every time.

Bring Your Car Back To Life

Revive Your Car

Prescribe Your Car Some Love at Cariology Auto Detailing. Indulge in our meticulously crafted services, where quality meets precision. Experience automotive rejuvenation for a satisfying ride.

  • Auto Detailing

    Immerse your vehicle in the pinnacle of care with our Auto Detailing services at Cariology. Our meticulous approach and premium products guarantee a thorough transformation, revealing your car's true radiance.

  • Ceramic Coating

    Elevate your car's protection to new heights with Cariology's Ceramic Coating expertise. Our certified team applies cutting-edge coatings, ensuring long-lasting defense against the elements while enhancing your vehicle's aesthetic appeal.

  • Restoration

    Experience automotive revival like never before with Cariology's Restoration services. From paint correction to interior refurbishment, our skilled team breathes new life into your vehicle, restoring its original beauty and charm.

  • Graphene Coating

    Unleash the power of innovation with Cariology's Graphene Coating. Elevate your car's beauty performance and aesthetics to extraordinary levels. Our specialized application ensures a graphene-infused shield, offering unmatched durability and brilliance.

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Over 250+ Cars Revived

Automotive Rejuvenation at Cariology Auto Detailing

Cariology Auto Detailing is your prescription for a car that exudes vitality. Our passion for precision is reflected in every detailing service we offer. From revitalizing exteriors to enhancing interiors, we go beyond the surface to ensure your vehicle gleams with a healthy and captivating shine. Experience automotive wellness with our expert team and state-of-the-art treatments.

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Setting the Best in Automotive Detailing

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    Cariology Auto Detailing offers an unparalleled range of automotive detailing services. From meticulous auto detailing and ceramic coatings to comprehensive restoration and cutting-edge graphene applications, we elevate your car care experience to unmatched heights.

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    We prioritize premium materials and advanced techniques, ensuring the use of top-quality products in every service. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics, promoting longevity, protection, and optimal performance for your vehicle.

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    Step into our state-of-the-art facility designed for automotive well-being. Whether it's a transformative detailing session, a protective ceramic coating, or a comprehensive restoration, Cariology Auto Detailing combines expertise with a welcoming atmosphere for a service experience that goes beyond expectations.

 Cariology auto detailed Ferrari

A must-visit for car enthusiasts seeking the best car detailing in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Cariology truly stands out, setting the benchmark for excellence in auto detailing and ceramic coatings.

award for best auto detailing company in Connecticut
Our Story

Who We Are

Our Automotive Legacy: Cariology Auto Detailing emerges from a lineage of automotive famiglia, where 'Buonauto' translates to 'Good Car' in Italian, reflecting over 78 years in the car business.

As the owner, Anthony Buonauto, I established this detailing company driven by a passion for perfection. Witnessing poorly detailed cars, my commitment is to bring a new standard to automotive care, ensuring each vehicle receives meticulous attention and achieves unparalleled perfection.

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What They Say

Undoubtedly the best detailing company and ceramic coatings in Connecticut! Cariology Auto Detailing's precision and expertise are unmatched. Anthony and his team transformed my car into a showroom-worthy masterpiece. The attention to detail and the flawless application of ceramic coating exceeded my expectations. Trust Cariology for automotive perfection – they truly stand out!

Anita Happy Customer
 Cariology auto detailing ceramic coated Chevrolet

Bring Your Car Back To Life

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